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2015/1/21 - 2020/1/21
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We are Anhui province De Ji Tang Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD .

We passed the CE as the following products :capsicum plaster ,pain relief patch ,corn removal plaster ,cooling gel patch ,better breath nasal strips .

The submitted technical files including test report of the above products have been reviewed agaist the self  declaration requirments  of conformity for CE marketing arrording to Annes I & VII  of the 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive (including 2007/47/EC).

The reviews result of the technical files and test report the self declaration for the device listed above .The test report and the technical files are the annex of the this report and should be used togther.

Where we  affiix's the CE marketing to the product listed they must ensure that all the requirement of the appropriate EU directive (s) have and continue to be met .

This report is not a certificate of conformity


Initial Issue Date :21,Jan,2015

Siganature by :Tanq Chen