Pain Relief Patch – My Pain Relief Patch Review

Pain Relief Patch – My Pain Relief Patch Review

This funny pain relief patch story starts a few years ago in the middle of a freezing winter. I was a student living in a residential building, and on my way to school one morning after a particularly icy storm, I fell down the outside stairs of the building.

Not graceful, holding onto the railing, type of falling. But the kind you see in movies where the person’s swept off their feet as soon as they hit the ice, and lands swiftly on their behind.

Except I didn’t land on my behind because I was walking down a set of stairs, so I got solid contact with the stair on my lower back. Ouch.

I thought I had broken something because it was so painful, but when I limped my way over to the health services they told me that I wouldn’t have been able to walk if I had broken something. I thanked them profusely for the good news, and the lack of helpful advice and was on my way.

That night my boyfriend recommended I apply a Chinese pain relief patch, that his parents had given him.

I had seen commercials for pain relieving creams and similar things, and I had used Arnica gel for bruises from my martial arts days… but this pain

Enter The Pain Relief Patch

So we peeled off the sticky part of the patch, and applied it to the deep purple bruise on my lower back. I immediately felt a sense of relief. The smell of the pain relief patch was pretty strong, it had a minty feel to it, and it immediately relieved the pain.

I took it slow for the next couple of days, and kept the pain relief patch on. A few days later I removed the pain relief patch (which was a bit of a painful process because it was so thoroughly “glued on”) and the bruise had subsided.

I praised Chinese medicine, and went back to my usual life. I didn’t know where my boyfriend’s parents had bought this pain relief patch, or what was in it… but I was happy I had it in my time of bruising need. relief patch concept was new to me.